1. Honorable Hanuman Jayanti Festival: Margasira is the auspicious Hanuman Jayanti festival on Monday's Amavasya, which honors the incarnation of Hanuman.

2. A special ceremony in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu A unique festival is held in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, where worshipers offer 1,00,008 vada garlands to the eighteen-foot Vishvarupa Anjaneya Swamy, also known as Moolamurthy.

3. 11 January Devotional Programme: Vada Mala Shringa is performed by Namakkal Anjaneyar Swami on 11 January from 5 am to 10 am. At 11 am, a special Abhishekam takes place which involves milk and many fragrances.

4. Distribution of Prasad and appearance of golden armor: During the afternoon, 1,00,008 vadas, which are made like flower garlands, are given as prasad to the devotees after Anjaneyaswami blesses them in golden armor.

5. Artistic Preparation of Vada: Working with thirty-five people from the Srirangam region, Ramesh uses 2050 kilograms of onion flour, 600 liters of ghee, 32 kilograms of cumin, 32 kilograms of black pepper and 120 kilograms of salt to make the elaborate preparation of vadas.